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" Helping a woman own her beauty makes my day."


                            - Christian Zamora


Master Lash and Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist


Christian Zamora is your hair, makeup and lash expert for weddings, corporate and fashion events, bar and bat mitzvahs, on camera appearances, advertising campaigns, and every day life.

Christian Zamora Studio
Bozeman, MT

John Barrett Salon
New York Cit

      Upcoming NYC dates:

      September 28 and 29; October 18,           29, 20, 21

Full Sets: Classic, Volume or CZ Blend
Lash Fills: 60 or 90 minutes

MU Application
Bridal Trial

Bridal & Bridal Party

Women's Haircut
Women's Color
Men's Haircut


Closed Eye


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Christian Zamora has been fascinated with beauty for as long as he can remember. As a child, he would watch old movies with his mother and was mesmerized by old Hollywood glamour.  As he got older, he became more interested and began studying makeup, particularly attracted to the look of legendary makeup artist Bud Westmore and then Kevin Aucoin and their philosophies about beauty.


With his ever-present charm and tact, Christian coaxed his mother and sister into letting him do their makeup and hair, experimenting with natural looks as well as the more adventurous, fun looks of the 70s and early 80s. At that time, there was no denying his passion for makeup and hair styling. He left Oklahoma and headed for New York City to follow his dream. Christian worked in a variety of salons, absorbing all he could about color, styling and makeup. Along his way, he worked at John Sahag, learning coloring, styling and the fine art of the “dry haircut.” He further honed his skills at Cranford Stein, and learned the precise, patient artistry of lash extensions at Courtney Akai Lash Boutique, where he began solidifying his reputation as the “Lash Guru.”


Christian’s styling can be seen in ad campaigns and catalogs for Tiffany & Co., Swarovski, Montage Hotels, Equinox, L’Oréal and Goodbye Crop Top. He has also worked with many national brands, public relations and marketing agencies and on-air talent from CNN, ABC and NBC, and his talents have been recognized in Vogue Taiwan, Ocean Drive, Vanity Fair, Allure, The New York Times and several industry publications.


Today, Christian splits his time between the John Barrett Salon in New York City and the Christian Zamora Studio in Bozeman, Montana, where he lives with his husband Joe and their fur babies Katie and Cooper.  



What are eyelash extensions?

The art of placing an extension on a natural lash. They are attached one-by-one to each individual natural lash -not to the skin- with a surgical grade adhesive. Custom lash extension application, such as classic or volume,  is a meticulous process that requires the skill and precision of a certified lash technician.

How long will my extensions last?

If you follow the proper aftercare instructions, they can last up to four weeks. Due to the natural eyelash shedding process, a few extensions may begin to drop after 1-2 weeks. This is entirely normal.

Will lash extensions damage my natural lashes?

No. Each extension is affixed to a single natural lash, which grows out as it matures. The adhesive is formulated to create a solid bond that won’t harm your lashes as it dries gently to them.

How many lashes will be applied?

One extension will be attached to every lash on the upper lash line. 


Is the adhesive safe?

In the past adhesives could harm the lash line but with great improvement adhesives are much more emulsified and quick drying which requires less adhesive during the application. 

What if my eyes are really sensitive?

If you've had a reaction to a makeup product you are not a candidate for eyelash extensions. 

Can I get them wet?

Yes. After 24 hours.

How long does it take for a full set application?

It depends on which service you get, the average time for a full set application is 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Can I wear eye makeup with the lash extensions?

Yes. We advise against wearing any mascara where the lash extensions have been applied.

How do I remove eye makeup?

For the best results in removing eye makeup, Borboleta Lash Cleanser is recommended to keep you lashes strong and healthy. 

How do I remove the lash extensions? Can I remove them myself?

No. Eyelash extensions should be professionally removed with professional products.  

Does the application of eyelash extensions hurt?

No. The application of eyelash extensions should be relaxing.

How do I know which service to get?

It depends on which look you would like to go for. The classic is more natural, the CZ Volume is medium fullness and the Volume is extra lush.


What happens if I have few natural lashes? Can I still get them?

Absolutely! A classic set is what we suggest for a client with finer lashes, defining the lash line but not too heavy for the natural lash. 


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